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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Gabe Fox says:

    Our guide Joseph knew the city like the back of his hand. He knew all the cool places to go where tourists don’t think to go. He knew great restaurants and all the good things to do. The trip was timed perfectly and the driver was very nice. Joseph was always on time and very accommodating.

    One day we went to the Vietnam war tunnels and it was amazing. He knew everything about them and the war and explained thoroughly. He is sure to answer all questions completely.

    We also went on the Mekong Delta tour and he took us to places not filled with tourists. We got to try all modes of transportation and really got to see life in the delta. We had an absolute blast and when I come back to Vietnam I will certainly call this company.

    One thing about this tour company I liked a lot is that Joseph didn’t push us to buy anything. A lot of tour guides will take a cut of the money you spend at stores they take you to. Joseph clearly did not and never pushed us to spend more money. He is an honest and hard working man. I hope you like the tour as much as we did.

  2. We had contacted Joseph by email some days before our arrival, and at the end we went to a full day tour to the Mekong Delta. Very good information about Vietnam, his people, history and culture on the way to the Mekong, and there we had a very relaxed boat tour, visiting a local village and a coconut farm, going also into a typical small boat (Sampan) along a small river.

    We had lunch at a very pleasant restaurant, before returning to Ho Chi Minh. Joseph was a very good guide, with good English, and customized the tour exactly as we wanted.

  3. I recently visited southern Vietnam and I was greeted at Ho Chi Minh City airport by tour guide Joseph Van Tran. Joseph guided me round Ho Chi Minh City and also the Mekong Delta which, was a wonderful experience. Joseph’s knowledge of Vietnam is amazing which, makes a holiday so much more interesting. He is courteous, easy to get along with and very professional at his job. Nothing is too much trouble for him.

    Anyone who is thinking of visiting Vietnam, I can strongly recommend Joseph as your tour guide.

  4. James Orland says:

    We booked Joseph after having found him through TripAdvisor and from the initial contact via email found him to be 100% conscientious and professional. We wanted to dictate our own tours and not follow some bus load of tourists around each tour site. Joseph will make suggestions and it is up to you to ensure that these are what you are actually interested in visiting. The tours are not necessary cheap but they will be bespoke to your requirements and interests, so the public tours may be cheaper but for a look at Saigon as she exists today, a glance at her past and a glimpse at her potential future you won’t do better than Joseph.

    Joseph is a downright nice guy who is passionate about Vietnam and thoroughly knowledgeable about her history. I found him to be thoroughly professional in all his dealings with us, however it in your own interest to do a little research to ensure the most suitability of tours chosen.


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